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  • 19.02.2018
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Bush and gay adoption

"Such anger, my friend. Just let it go."

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Faegal | 25.02.2018
Wow, now you have to go back 3 presidents before you've got a talking point? Come on C, you can do better than that!
Togul | 07.03.2018
Sorry...meant to say assault gets more jail time
Faejar | 13.03.2018
Just from my little town of Duncan, Oklahoma...we have Ron Howard, Hoyt Axton(musician and father in Gremlins) Jean Kirkpatrick and Roger Miller( grew up with his son.....King of the road!!!!!! and that great mind of the 20th Century.....David Sargent....lol
Dazragore | 20.03.2018
Tell that to Christian scholars, not me. They say he was referring to himself as being a king. But why this is strange for you while Jesus admits he is a children killer?
Kegore | 25.03.2018
The baby Liberal puke is fitting in. Today throwing vulgar and aggressive insults at the President, tomorrow grenades. Someone please tell us what a good person Kristin is.
Gardarr | 30.03.2018
No, what is irrelevant is your comment.
Mikakora | 30.03.2018
sending your son to heaven is a tragedy, in your mind?
Tenos | 06.04.2018
Thank you. My response to that joke would have probably been an eye-roll. At most, if I were having a particularly bad day or something, I might have shot off a snide, "I bet that sounded way funnier in your head".
Faudal | 07.04.2018
Or you could just say 'scientifically ignorant' rather than 'ignoramus'.
Dujas | 12.04.2018
I know you have to believe that to sooth your butthurt liberal snowflake mind.
Faek | 23.04.2018
It means Luke was exaggerating to make a point.
Tozahn | 26.04.2018
Quote from someone on the Financial Post:
Mezigal | 01.05.2018
It is a photo of a painting.
Nagis | 07.05.2018
Are you speaking for all ex-gays?
Nilabar | 08.05.2018
You are sensing nothing, you are regurgitating petulant bullshit.
Faular | 17.05.2018
And here we go with the One True Interpretation game of Christianity.
Samuzilkree | 19.05.2018
Reading your conversation it appears as if he was listing out several examples of early Christians persecuting people of other faiths.
Mogal | 28.05.2018
Yes, as I doubt in the general population in America there would be many more than a third who weren't brought up in a religion, so it proves that all those worries, warnings of immoral living, damnation ... implosion of society (aka soviet) didn't happen.
Fenrilrajas | 31.05.2018
I think it depends. Some sensitivity is obvious some isn't. Sometimes it's more obvious to some people then others. I think being able to talk about these things is much more important then someone "knowing".
Tadal | 11.06.2018
A ridiculous quote from Mr. Havel. He is in effect saying to keep the company of people who have failed to find what they're seeking and to stay away from people who claim to have found what they were seeking. Such absurdity.
JoJolmaran | 16.06.2018
Its all speculation..... I still inclined to think it as code. Some old Master paintings seem to have unusual things in the sky . ?? ??
Fenrilabar | 24.06.2018
ya, you have Nunes the Trump Ass kisser
Malasho | 04.07.2018
And you are then violating the intent of the law.
Mazujind | 05.07.2018
I can't picture any gun is light enough to not know it's missing. That's pretty poor on his part.
Mikalkis | 12.07.2018
These people don't read so good do they?
Bush and gay adoption

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