House of 5th & Heather + Truen

PGTL for House of 5th

Preppy Guide to Life is so excited to have a year long partnership with House of 5th! The St. Elle Handbag has been designed for the modern women’s lifestyle. Her beautiful elegance is ever lasting and timeless. The innovative tech savvy design of the handbag is what House of 5th is known for. She has sleek hardware that is paired with a modern minimalist shape. She is in a class of her own. Let modern elegance rein on within the St. Elle Handbag.

Preppy Guide to Life House of 5th

For more information about the House of 5th St. Elle or to purchase a special one for yourself, visit:

Heather + Truen

Preppy Guie to Life Heather+Truen_AdCampaign_Madison_21-EDIT

Heather + Truen [a collaborative story IN modern making]

by Paul & Lydia and House of 5th. /

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