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Kazakhstan-equal member of the UN

"He can testify till the moon turns purple but it doesn't change the facts of the outcome. people wanted to act like they have power to assert for the purpose of defacing history. They didn't deface history. What they did do though is get a bunch of people to rally for hatred that was put to rest when the south lost the war but that wasn't good enough for that one day out of thousands before it that they didn't rally for a cause they don't truly believe in."

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"Pick two slaves.

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Zolora | 13.03.2018
LOL oh hell no. I never do that. Anyone who wants to help keep this damn house clean, please, HELP ME.
Tygoramar | 19.03.2018
On being impure side
Shakanos | 23.03.2018
The thing that should worry you is that the same nations would be just as likely to put holy hypocrites like you to death for your "Jeezus Jihad."
Mulabar | 26.03.2018
I do not know about wedding cake bakers, but, Denver does have numerous places that offer outstanding beer and food...yes, I am one of those odd Baptists that admits to drinking...and, if I drink enough, I might even dance though not too well.
Akirr | 31.03.2018
Lol lunch is in 45 minutes
Brazil | 10.04.2018
lol, fair enough
JoJoshura | 17.04.2018
* They're unable to round up or down when splitting the bill.
Doushura | 23.04.2018
The GOP had the point to win at any cost.
Faumi | 24.04.2018
Why do you use the term "fall in love"? What does the "fall of Man" mean to you? if it is truly Love, especially Love from GOD, how then will the person fall?
Kajigor | 03.05.2018
So, now that the Supreme Court in the US has ruled in his favour, is he now entitled to sue CCRC for all the lost income, money spent defending himself and his rights, and for the pain and suffering brought about by this sham of a decision in the first place?
Kigahn | 04.05.2018
In case you missed it, it?s from a Sun media opinion piece. It?s not factual. Unfortunately the right can?t seem to grasp that opinions are not factual and prefer to wind up their simpleton followers with over the top rhetorical bluster.
Gardashura | 06.05.2018
Straight to the point.
Vomuro | 15.05.2018
You need to calm your rhetoric down. There are other channels were you can spout off whatever hate you wish to partake in... this isn't one of them.
Gardataur | 18.05.2018
I don't care all that much about Royal issues, but with that said I caught bits and pieces of the service at breakfast this morning, and it was a fitting service and quite well done. Fitting of, well, Royals.
Tukora | 26.05.2018
Why would they get that far? As soon as he knew he was being asked to custom design a cake, he informed them that he couldn't do it so as not to lead them on.
Mull | 04.06.2018
you forgot my favorite "i could walk out on 5th ave and kill someone".
Sabar | 09.06.2018
I think for a lot of women, women deal with this on a 24/7 basis unlike men do. Women are more often judged for their looks and sex appeal. And there are a lot of men out there always on the visual hunt. So I think it's different for men because men simply don't deal with this in nearly the same quantity and terms women do in society between how women are more often sexualized and sold to the public for mass consumption.
Gardat | 18.06.2018
Seriously. Teachers will behave as teachers. And I have lots of stories.
Monris | 27.06.2018
You've not given evidence.
Sat | 01.07.2018
An example of "imposing your bigotry and discrimination" please...
Fegul | 03.07.2018
He didn't say this.....
Faeshakar | 12.07.2018
Manafort's journey to hell, all started with a scuba dive in a lake and a ledger. Poor boy. Viktor should have burned it.
Nikoshura | 22.07.2018
Ah, the Red Star's last ditch effort to salvage "progressive" governance.
Kazakhstan-equal member of the UN

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