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"Channel bashing deleted, 3dogsreturn. And the channel owner here is liberal so don't go barking up the "mods are biased cons" tree."

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Gardagis | 07.03.2018
"is it possible that the bizarre world of QP holds the key to what the devout are calling the afterlife?"
Brashicage | 12.03.2018
" It is the salvation of your people," ? US vs THEM?
Tehn | 17.03.2018
who needs logic and reasoning.. I have the mind of Christ!!! :) LOL!!! you forget about the poor , the weak , feeble , the foolish, the despised, the infirm, the shut in , the things that are naught!!! and in all your pride you don't even know if you might become one of those!!! God gives grace to the humble!!! :(
Akinozuru | 27.03.2018
Those are 60 cents. I can manage.
Tojazuru | 03.04.2018
Morals come from man, not myth. Myths have been used as a way man explains morals, but they were created by man, just like the morals have been.
Tule | 12.04.2018
People do find things that match with the bible. Stuff like the remains of ancient cities. What they do not find is evidence of people coming back from the dead or that the Christian god is even real at all.
Mimi | 21.04.2018
I said he violated the law.
Maushicage | 24.04.2018
The internet period & Amazon was a great idea, well executed & the
Tegrel | 03.05.2018
Really? Can you provide ONE LINK to suggest what you?re saying is correct? One? Just one. Because I sure as shit haven?t heard that from anyone in the media or the US government. The only people I hear this from are the trade-relations geniuses that populate this board.
Muzil | 11.05.2018
That's hilarious. The most extreme cooling on Earth is going on in the Midwest and South.
Kajitilar | 13.05.2018
Wow, was there an adult in that "room"?
Kak | 15.05.2018
Since you can't even show that your god exists, much less created anything, the claim that gravity forces exist because of your god is an unsupported claim.
Aralrajas | 19.05.2018
Maybe the libs have a plan to kill off all the conservatives in the next war...
Tocage | 22.05.2018
"Fan fiction" [sic] and hallucination are unnecessary to explain the accounts of Jesus' resurrection. Quite simply, resurrection narratives were inspired by the fear of torture and death. While Jesus was alive, he was the only glue holding his disparate group of followers together. When he died, that threatened to make the group come unglued. That would not only have meant the end of mutual support networks for women in the group like Mary Magdalene and Jesus' mother Mary, it would also have raised the prospect of a traitor ratting out the names of Christians to Pilate.
Vukree | 28.05.2018
Think about it, get back to me when you figure it out
Meztimi | 31.05.2018
Good question, Dan, but from your comments elsewhere i suspect you don't actually want to know. If you really want to go this deep, show me where you have got to with it so far.
Grojora | 05.06.2018
You're the one who gets mad at facts correcting your ignorance of God. And all from an atheist. Gotta love when an atheist can know.more about your religion than you.
Yoshakar | 10.06.2018
Imitation of Christ.
Kidal | 15.06.2018
Breaking News and News Views both like censorship
Jull | 16.06.2018
The justices in favor decided not on the basis of law but just on a cultural view of the day! They are saying that marriage is about ?self-actualization,? not about tradition, promoting procreation, preserving the stability of the society, or ensuring the rearing of child by his or her biological parents.
Vishicage | 24.06.2018
That was an invitation to explain to me how I am contradicting myself. Are you trying to waste my time?
Bajind | 25.06.2018
Circumcision should be done some time after the age of consent. About the time he's really interested in girls.
Sex slave to men

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