Comfy Casual

My husband and I love grabbing coffee and bagels on the weekend. We always head to Broad Ripple Bagel Deli to satisfy our craving. I decided to throw on my favorite new navy pants with my cozy drivers. Cold Saturday mornings are the best in comfy clothes!


My Outfit:

Banana Republic sweater:

Gap pants:

Brooks Brother coat:

Australia Luxe Collective drivers:

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl

Sarah Moreland Byrne’s Guide to Indy

Sarah is a leader in supporting local events, Indy based designers, and locally owned boutiques. Her inspiring blog (IndyDressed) is one that captures all the fun our city has to offer and features Sarah’s awesome style. Take a page out of her book and see where you can find her hanging out in Indy.


1.What part of Indy do you live in?
Currently live on the far northwest side, close to Zionsville, but I grew up on the far northeast side near Fishers.

2. What is our city’s “hidden gem”?
Our hidden gem is our wealth of festivals and conventions, in my opinion. There really is something for everyone here: events for people who love sports or folk music or world cultures or board games or Kurt Vonnegut’s works or even mac ‘n cheese.

3. What is your favorite restaurant?
With Indy’s amazing culinary industry, it’s a toss up, really. My husband and I both have studied Japanese for years and studied abroad in Sapporo, so our favorite meals tend to involve authentic Japanese food. Sakura (71st and Keystone) and One World Market (near Castleton Square Mall) are regulars on our list—so much that employees at the latter know my taste in Japanese pop music and once even switched the cafe’s music to a playlist of songs from my favorite band. Ramen Ray (71st and Binford), a newer addition, is also scrumptious, and it’s especially nostalgic for us because the chef’s specialty is the style of ramen Sapporo is best known for. If you haven’t tried real ramen—not the brittle stuff that comes in a cheap plastic wrapper and heats up in the microwave, but REAL ramen—do yourself a favor and try it.

We also love Biscuits in Broad Ripple, an unassuming and affordable Mexican restaurant that serves some ah-mazing chilaquiles; Napolese’s smoked salmon pizza with creme fraiche and capers, and the pricier (but worth it!) Oceanaire in downtown Indy, which served my husband the best crab cakes he’s ever tasted.

4. Where is your favorite place to take an out-of-town guest?
When someone comes from out-of-town, I want to show them that Indy’s cooler than our reputation as a flyover city suggests—and to immerse them in an experience they won’t forget. Swing dancing in vintage clothes at the Fountain Square Theatre, carriage rides downtown in December, seasonal pastries almost too beautiful to eat at the Cake Bake Shop …

5. Where is the best place to grab a cocktail?
I love the ambiance of a cozy bar, and right now, my favorite place is Hotel Tango (Virginia Avenue). It’s a small space, but it’s full of rustic charm and within walking distance of a number of restaurants near Fountain Square/Fletcher Place. Plus, it has an amazing limoncello!

6. Where is a great place to pick up a unique gift?
Boomerang BTQ (Mass Avenue) is my spot for all things cute and funky, and I visit West Elm (Fashion Mall at Keystone) whenever they host their “Meet the Maker” events to highlight Indy artisans.If you’re looking for hard-to-find magazines or publications, head over to PrintText (Broad Ripple). The shop’s fashion magazine collection is fabulous!

7. Where can you get the best cup of coffee?
I don’t drink coffee, but I love grabbing hot chocolate from South Bend Chocolate Company on Monument Circle during the winter!

8. What is your favorite part about living in Indy?
What I love most about Indy is the atmosphere—that Hoosier hospitality, as we call it. But it’s more than simply being nice. You often see people encourage others within their own industry to succeed, even if that means more competition for them. We’re all working toward the greater good—a better Indianapolis.

9. Who is your favorite Indy based artist, designer, writer, or blogger ?
This is the hardest question I’ve been asked so far! We have so much talent here, which is one of the reasons I originally began blogging about Indy’s fashion and lifestyle scene.

A few of my favorites (outside of Preppy Guide to Life, of course!):
Nikki Blaine, fashion designer (@nikkiblainecouture)
Stephanie Cope Wilson, graphic designer (@whimandproper)
Emily Deisler, illustrator (@west5thcreative)
Kate Oberreich, artist (@seedandstar)
Laura Walters, stylist (@the_styleriot)

10. What would you like to see next for our city?

Two hopes of mine: That Indy continues building a foundation for reliable and eco-friendly public transportation to rival that of similar-sized cities, and that our city’s pockets of niche “hobby culture” grow and thrive.

We hope this inspires you to try new experiences in our little slice of the midwest!

Keep up with Sarah on her blog, IndyDressed

Instagram: @indydressed

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl

An Evening at Saks

I was so excited and honored to be a part of the Saks Fifth Avenue Beauty Week Rituals! I set up camp at my favorite perfume line,  Jo Malone. I shared some of my favorite Jo Malone fragrances with visitors along with my rituals as a mommy and a working lady. The complimentary Jo Malone hand and arm massages, with treats from Tilly’s Tea Room, were the perfect touch. Thank you to all my readers, friends and family that visited the event!


It was so amazing to work with Chad at Jo Malone, I loved hearing about some of the fragrances and combinations I had not tried before. I find that fragrances are so personal and specific to each person. It was so interesting to see which scents guests gravitated towards. My two all-time favorite scents are English Pear & Freesia and Nectarine Blossom & Honey. I’ll be sharing some new scents from the event, that I added to my collection, in an upcoming post!


Tilly’s Tea Room, located on the third floor of Saks Fifth Avenue, is such a lovely place! It was the perfect treat while shopping for fragrances, lotions and candles. Is there anything better? The tea is fabulous and the scones are just out of this world. Trust me on this, I had my fair share during the event.


I could not have been more excited when I saw our name on the floor at Saks! It was crazy to see a name that was thought up in college, in one of my favorite stores. The Saks beauty department is wonderful; I keep up with all the fun by following my dear friend, and the cosmetic manager at Saks, Jessica Winges on Instagram (@jessica_teambeauty). Follow her for all of the info on upcoming events and awesome promotions!


G Michael Salon styled my hair for the evening’s festivities! I just loved the soft curls mixed with one side pulled back for a elegant, yet casual, look. My famous bun has been my go-to hair style lately, especially with my mommy life in full swing. So, it was nice to have my curls back in action!


My Outfit / Hair / Makeup:

Ralph Lauren blazer:

Banana Republic navy tank:

J Crew shoes:

Hair by G Michael Salon: 2727 E. 86th Street (317) 773-7700

Makeup by Chanel at Saks Fifth Avenue: Keystone Fashion Mall

Gems and Jewels

I love looking down at a ring or bracelet and smiling. Most of the jewelry I wear holds some type of story, memory or sentimental value. I feel I have had some wonderful jewelry adventures and fabulous finds. Two of my favorite bracelets (included in the photo) I designed when I was on a work trip to LA. They are simple yet timeless. Every time I see them, I think of the warm LA breeze, laughter with a friend and how much I love the West Coast. More gems and jewels stories to come!


Jewelry Details:

Gold circular bracelet was a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law.

Square gem and pearl bracelets were made in LA.

Family crest signet ring was a gift from my mother and father. I wear this piece everyday.

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl

Winter Wonderland

We are walking in a winter wonderland indeed! I couldn’t help but run outside and snap a few photos while the snow flakes fell. I am in love with these beautiful lush ferns in our backyard, which ended up being the perfect backdrop for a snowy evening. I still can’t put my plaid away just yet. Especially when I just grabbed this new little blazer from J Crew. I decided to pair it with two of my favorite tops.


My Outfit:

J Crew plaid blazer and jeweled collared blouse:

Nantucket Brand sweater:

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl

Diaper Bag Blues

My handbag has gone through some changes over the last month. Generally, I use my daughters diaper bag as my purse. I tend to throw my wallet and makeup bag in her navy Tory Burch diaper bag. This lovely tote is not actual sold as a diaper bag. I use it as one because it has great compartments, the exterior is a durable material and navy goes with just about everything in my wardrobe. I will give a closer look at what I keep in my daughter’s bag of tricks in an upcoming post.


Outfit Post:

Tory Burch diaper bag:

Brooks Brothers camel coat:

Banana Republic button down:

Patricia Green flats: Charles Mayer & Company: 5629 N. Illinois, Indianapolis.

Mud Pie baby toy:

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl


Just Pop In!


If you live in Indy, then you have had popcorn from Just Pop In! The amazing popcorn company is locally owned by two of the most generous ladies in the city. The duo kindly created my very own Preppy Guide to Life label for my favorite popcorn, Indy Style. This custom label is truly an honor to have! Cant you tell I’m excited? I always shop at their Broad Ripple location. Nothing like grabbing a Starbucks and a minnie bag of popcorn. Happy snaking!

Just Pop In: 6302 Guilford Avenue, Indianapolis. (317)- 257-9338

xoxoxo, Preppy Girl